Governance and legal framework for artificial intelligence management

Artificial intelligence (AI) can benefit economic development, but these systems are not always fair. In this project, we will develop legal and entrepreneurial rules to ensure fair development and use of AI, to promote the use of AI and to strengthen the trust between humans and machines.

  • Project description

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    Artificial intelligence can redefine decision making in companies and organisations. Among other things, it can take advantage of the extensive data concerning competitors, customers and the like. However, there is growing concern that the fairness and transparency of AI is limited, as this technology tends to reproduce existing distortions in the data and thus implicitly to make discriminatory predictions. These limitations hamper the widespread use of AI.

    The aim of this project is to develop legal and regulatory frameworks which, on the one hand, ensure a development and use of AI in which equity principles are the core of the technology and, on the other hand, warrant continuous and consistent responsibility for the technology. Our interdisciplinary approach comprises IT, management and law, and we aim to create consistent terms between these different fields.

  • Background

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    Switzerland has more AI companies per citizen than any other country. AI «made in Switzerland» is characterised by the principles of democracy and fairness inherent in the Swiss social context, and therefore represents a unique competitive advantage for our country.

  • Aim

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    We will analyse existing laws and develop regulatory frameworks that protect the rights of individuals and companies, while enabling the development and use of AI. We will study the mechanisms that promote trust in AI, and design a management framework that guarantees the governance of AI in organisations. Based on these investigations, we will develop design principles that inherently ensure the fairness, accountability and transparency of AI.

  • Relevance

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    Our project strengthens trust in artificial intelligence and promotes its use in Switzerland. This helps organisations increase their operational efficiency and better adapt their products or services to the requirements and expectations of their customers.

  • Original title

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    Governance and legal framework for managing artificial intelligence (AI)