Key topics

Module 1 «Education, learning and digital change»

The projects in this module will analyse formal and informal education content, tools and institutions as they relate to ongoing digital change, covering the whole life span of an individual and considering all levels and types of education.

Module 2 «Ethics, trustworthiness and governance»

The research in this module will allow a better understanding of how digital transformation influences the concept of ethical behaviour (at the individual and societal level) within the population. It seeks to show how digitalisation is changing trustworthiness, and how it can be managed to the benefit of people and societies, while safeguarding trustworthiness, public values and fundamental rights

Module 3 «Digital economy and labour market»

The research in this module will generate knowledge about the opportunities and risks of digital transformation for the Swiss economy and the individual regions. It will identify the interdependences of digitalisation at the structural level and study the opportunities and risks in the labour market, taking into account the Swiss political, social and economic setup. The impact of digitalisation on regional and spatial development, mobility, health and the environment will also be addressed.