Bereavement for Daniel Hürlimann

Switzerland's first professor of legal informatics passed away at the end of September. Within the framework of NRP 77, Daniel Hürlimann conducted research in the project "Digital Health for the Benefit of the Whole Population".

On behalf of the entire Steering Committee, the Programme Office expresses its shock and sympathy. We join the Bern University of Applied Sciences (BFH) in its message: "With his passing away, we are losing an outstanding lawyer, a dedicated researcher and a highly valued colleague who was passionate about knowledge sharing and the digitisation of the public sector."

Daniel Hürlimann was the first professor of legal informatics in Switzerland to teach at BFH on issues related to IT law. Open Access, Open Data and Open Source were the topics close to the 37-year-old professor's heart. As part of NRP77, he wanted to help draft a political action plan to ensure that everyone in Switzerland benefits from the progress of the digital revolution in medicine.