The digital transformation at the upper secondary education level

How are digital media used in Swiss schools at the upper secondary education level? As the latest representative data on this subject date back to 2007, the aim of this project is to conduct an updated inventory by means of surveys of school directors, teachers and students.

  • Project description

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    With the help of questionnaires, we hope to determine the degree of technology integration in upper secondary schools. For this purpose, we will interview school principals, teachers and students in all parts of the country and in all school types at this educational level: pre-university schools, vocational schools, vocational baccalaureate schools and general education schools. A special focus will be on school development activities, teaching practices and the resulting student competencies. In addition to the questionnaires, 20 case studies in particularly advanced schools will complete the picture.

  • Background

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    Successful technology integration in schools depends on a variety of factors such as clear goals, a supportive school management and a good infrastructure. At the teacher level, didactic and technical skills, but also a positive attitude are of great importance. In addition to digital skills, students require a sense of responsibility and must be self-reliant. However, it is not yet clear how these conditions interact.

  • Aim

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    The representative survey should on the one hand trace the development since the last surveys in 2007, and on the other hand enable a comparison with international reference data. The subsequent statistical analyses will help identify key factors that are crucial for effective adjustments. The case studies will serve as examples to illustrate the spectrum of possible school development strategies.

  • Relevance

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    International studies have repeatedly shown that digital technologies are used comparatively rarely in Swiss primary schools. Up-to-date data on this subject is not available for schools of the upper secondary level. The results of this project should provide indications as to how schools at this level can be better supported in their efforts to fulfil their educational mandate in times of digital transformation.

  • Original title

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    Digital transformation in upper secondary schools: Identifying directions and key factors for technology-related school development, teaching and learning