“Exciting times”

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Abraham Bernstein, Chair of the NRP 77 Steering Committee, on this year’s Programme Meeting in Berne.

The 46 projects of the National Research Programme on digital transformation (NRP 77) are in the midst of the research phase. At the Programme Meeting held on 12–13 June, all the research teams converged on Berne to present their interim results.

Professor Abraham Bernstein, Chair of the Steering Committee, summed up the event: "The NRP 77 Programme Meetings are always an exciting time. Within a short time you're able to get an overview of all 46 projects. So this year – while we’re still in the research phase – we again learned a lot of interesting things about the projects: novel ways of finding out how to better understand changes in the labour market; background on the nature of young people’s media consumption; and ways of participating in democratic processes; plus some exemplary cases of digitalisation in schools. What was particularly exciting this year was to learn that the projects’ aims are as topical as ever, not least because of innovations in the field of artificial intelligence.”

Over the next few months, the project teams will be concluding their research: their final reports will have to be submitted by the end of 2024.

As was the case at the Programme Meeting, the Steering Committee attaches great importance to ensuring that the projects don't just generate academically interesting results but that practical use is made of their findings.