Using learning analyses in universities

The aim of this project is to understand how data produced in educational settings can be used to support students’ learning processes in higher education, and how this data needs to be adapted to different actors and contexts.

  • Project description

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    We will examine how learning analyses can be used to support the learning processes in higher education, regardless of the actors and contexts and in a way that takes into account the known learning theories. The aim of the project is not to design new algorithms for automatic learning in education, but to build learning analysis tools that enable stakeholders to engage in better educational processes both inside and outside the classroom. We will identify the data available in different contexts and determine how this information can be efficiently conveyed to students, teachers and administrative staff. We will also investigate the impact that these learning analyses have on the education process and its outcomes.

  • Background

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    Thanks to digital technology, we are able to provide better support for students. As a side-effect, this increases the amount of educational data created. However, this information is often poorly exploited for the improvement of pedagogical support and educational support in general. It has been shown that the use of learning analyses in higher education can promote student success by encouraging awareness, reflection and the creation of meaning through the use of educational data.

  • Aim

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    Our aim is to proactively assess the new data through digitisation, and to determine how it can be exploited to better support educational practice. By applying learning analyses in a deliberate and meaningful manner, based on theory, we hope to improve the quality of educational processes in a way that meets the needs of teachers and students, rather than one that replaces the existing practices.

  • Relevance

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    Our goal is to help administrative staff, teachers and students explore the educational process in more detail, in order to refine their skills and practices, and to engage in more effective teaching and learning practices. In addition, since none of our stakeholders are isolated elements of the educational process, our learning analysis tools are to encourage exchange between the various actors.

  • Original title

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    Uni Analytics: What, How, and Why Do Different Educational Stakeholders Use Learning Analytics in Higher Education?