Digital health for the benefit of the entire population

The medical sector is on the verge of a digital revolution. In this project, researchers are developing a political action plan to ensure that everyone in Switzerland can benefit from these developments.

  • Project description

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    Will digitalisation make healthcare more cost-effective? Will digital innovations be of service to all population groups? What does Switzerland need in order to benefit from these trends?

    These are the questions we hope to answer in this project, which is divided into three phases: in the first phase, we will draw up a map of the potential of the Swiss innovation system for digital health. In the second phase, we will analyse the development of public policy and regulation in this field and develop a roadmap for Swiss policy makers. In the last phase, we will create specific control instruments and share them with the country's key policy makers.

  • Background

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    In the past years, researchers and industry have explored the potential of digital tools for the improvement of human health. Medicine is on the verge of a digital revolution that could change the way we think about human health. The effects are promising, yet still fraught with uncertainties that need to be analysed in order to anticipate and responsibly manage the innovations in this field.

  • Aim

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    The project has the following objectives:

    • Identification of the needs and challenges related to digital innovation in the Swiss health sector
    • Identification of political and regulatory trends
    • Recommendation of principles and policies
    • Identification of measures required to ensure responsible digital innovation in the health sector
    • Communication of the project results and recommendations to key decision makers
  • Relevance

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    We will identify Switzerland's potential and needs in terms of digital innovation in the healthcare sector. We will also draw up a roadmap with recommendations for policy makers, in order to ensure that the entire population can benefit from digitalisation in the medical field.

  • Original title

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    Digital Health Innovation: a Governance Roadmap for Switzerland (D-GOVmap)