Head of knowledge transfer elected

The SNSF elects Beat Glogger as head of knowledge transfer for NRP 77 "Digital transformation".

Beat Glogger, science journalist and owner of Scitec-Media GmbH, an agency for science journalism and communication in Winterthur, was elected by the SNSF as Head of Knowledge Transfer of the National Research Programme "Digital Transformation" (NRP 77). He will promote the exchange of knowledge between the research groups of NRP 77 and interested organisations and individuals and ensure the communication of the results of the programme to a wider public.

The NRP 77 will investigate the interrelationships and concrete effects of digital transformation in Switzerland. The programme intends to analyse the impacts of digital changes in Switzerland, as well as develop possible interventions, experiments and solutions that will make it easier to leverage the opportunities and respond adequately to risks, thereby paving the way for optimal management and governance of the ongoing and future digital transformations. Within the scope of his mandate, Beat Glogger will design and implement various activities in the field of knowledge transfer in order to transfer the NRP 77 research results and recommendations to the administration and to the practice.